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Holistic Counselling for young people

My name is Kelly and I am a qualified holistic counsellor. I feel very passionate about helping our young people & strongly believe that early intervention is fundamental in building emotionally healthy young adults. I am experienced in working with young people and know that most of them don’t want to sit opposite me on a couch and talk about their feelings & I don’t blame them, that can feel a little overwhelming, especially when the words are already hard to find. I am also experienced in working with ASD and know that the pressure of having to sit and face someone can often be way too much.

Instead, I provide a gentle, warm & safe environment so both the young person and parent/guardian feel comfortable and at ease. I use a mixture of modalities, the main one being art therapy. This is a way to take the pressure off the young person and allow space for natural open conversation. I like to individually tailor my sessions to the clients’ interests, as this provides a greater opportunity for engagement and connection.

We use a wide variety of mediums, modalities and materials in our sessions. They range from watercolour, breathing techniques and even Lego but they all serve the same purpose of creating space to discover and work through the deeper problems that are affecting your young person’s wellbeing. While this may look like an art class, every session is thoughtfully and carefully structured to provide the best possible outcome, individually tailored to create a safe space where connection and open communication thrive. We also work together to find clarity & solutions. The aim is to have your young person equipped with their own emotional tools, empowering them in their day-to-day life as they grow.

I know the importance of having great people in your corner when your child is struggling, I also know that it can feel overwhelming & isolating as a parent. Be assured both you and your young person are supported in this caring environment.

I am based in Mount Evelyn, Victoria. Please feel free to contact me for more information about my holistic counselling or to book a session, 

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Thanks, Kell

Ph: 0402 835 580

Email: soul.rebellion@outlook.com