A Little about

Firstly I want to say a big HELLO and welcome to the home of Soul Rebellion. My name is Kell & I'm really glad your here.

I am a holistic counsellor, artist & woman who has done a lot of work to embrace who I am & I want to share those tools, so you can too.

Soul Rebellion was created from a mixture of modalities, discoveries, moments & heart. I discovered the beauty and benefit of art therapy during my Dads battle with cancer (he won). It was such a beautiful escape & connection during in  a time of stress. I have studied Reiki along the way which I absolutely adore.  Holistic counselling is huge component & covers such a range of incredible tools to help with healing & being just as we are.

My  illustrations are drawn by hand & from the heart, they are imperfect just like me. They carry messages of worth & the hope of change. My illustrations are designed & printed in Australia.

Kell xx

P.S Guess which one I am LOL.. I am so thankful to have an amazing big sister